A Dave Barry Inspired Father’s Day Message

A Dave Barry Inspired Father’s Day Message

As we are learning and it is repeatedly drummed into our heads year after year, Father’s Day is like the Chicago Cubs, a tale of loveable losers. Although the Cubs have played baseball in the same world as the New York Yankees forever, they have always been the great dessert innards and the Yankees have represented the main course. Until 2016 that is. Last year the Cubs won the World Series and suddenly they were a prime steak on the plate. A father should be so fortunate.

We think Dad's are always All-Stars! Often with little credit, and little reward they soldier on and ask for little in return.  This year we honor Dad's with a variety of gifts that let him know he's appreciated!

Click here to see great gift ideas for your special Dad, Grandpa or Uncle.

With all the negative feelings in the air about the world in general I went back in time to 2002 when Dave Barry wrote this entertaining article in the Miami Herald.  Enjoy it!



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