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Want to know more about Gifts Fulfilled and our mission to create jobs for people with disabilities?

Gifts Fulfilled was founded in 2018 by Kim Shanahan. The company mission is to create jobs for people with disabilities. We create those jobs by assembling gift baskets, boxes and care packages. To learn more contact: Kim Shanahan / I promise to reply to your press related email!

Press About Gifts Fulfilled:

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Meet Three Amazon Sellers Who Support Local Communities Everyday (2023)

As small businesses raise prices, some customer push back (AP Press, 2022)

Gifts Fulfilled Sees Growth Ahead for Program (OCToday, 2021)

The Payability Impact: Gifts Fulfilled Keeps Inventory In Stock (YouTube Video, 2018)

Local Business Hires Those Who Are Disabled and Hopes to Expand (Back when this was the start of a dream, 2017)

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