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Custom Gifts

Just like Burger King used to say "...special orders don't upset us"!

Our creative team has the experience and know how to help you create the perfect gift to mark the occasion.

Before we take your order here are a few things you need to know about creating a custom gift:

1. Extra time, from start to finish we can usually create your custom gift order in two weeks for quantities up to 500.  Add an extra week for quantities over 500. 

Custom Gift Baskets for Business2. Things that take extra, extra time include custom imprinted items. If you'd like a coffee mug or other items with your company logo on them add another two weeks.


3. Gifts Fulfilled can handle everything if you'd like or just some things if you like. We can source every item for you, or we can insert items you provide us with. For item insertion you are responsible for shipping costs of items to our production facility as well as a small labor fee for item insertion into your gift.


Custom Gift Baskets for Business

4. Mock ups are our friends. We'll send you a mock up of your gift for you to sign off on. We use photoshop to create a representation of how your gift will look so you can feel great about the finished product!



5. We ship your way. Each gift can be sent to each individual or we can ship via cases to one location.  The choice is yours. Shipping prices depend on the finished size of your gift and will be provided prior to final agreement price. If you prefer we can utilize your shipping carrier and account number.

Custom Gift Baskets for Business6. Your name goes front and center, not ours! When you send a gift you want to promote your company name, not the gift basket makers.  Gifts Fulfilled understands this and uses creative labeling to put your name in front of your customers.


7. We work with all reasonable budgets. We are a US based company that hires people with disabilities to assemble gifts. We all want a paycheck at the end of the day that supports our needs. Thankfully our years of experience help us find you the best deals, tips, and design ideas to make most budgets workable.

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