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Gifts Fulfilled is a woman-owned small business in Berlin, Maryland. Founded by Kim Shanahan, the mission of the company is two-fold. Bringing joy and comfort to people through thoughtful gift-giving, and creating jobs for people with disabilities in our local community. Every gift is designed and assembled in our Berlin, Maryland production center. Gifts Fulfilled takes great pride in our unique gift selections for all occasions. We can also create custom gifts to fit your specific needs. Click here for more information on custom and logo gift options.

Q:  Where do you ship from?

  • Berlin, Maryland 21811

Q: Do you offer same day delivery?

  • No, because we hand craft each gift we are not able to offer same day delivery.

Q: Does the gift arrive assembled?

  • Yes, your gift is fully assembled, wrapped in clear cellophane, and topped with a bow.

Q: How do I add a gift message?

  • The gift message text box will appear in your shopping cart.

Q: How will my gift be delivered?

  • Your gift will arrive in a cardboard box. Inside the box your gift will be bubble wrapped. We use the shipping box that is closest in size to your actual gift so we do not have to waste resources with packing peanuts and other filler materials.

Q: What is the order cut off time for same day shipping?

  • 2pm Eastern Standard Time Monday through Friday. There is no shipping on weekends.

 Q: Are balloons that are included in gifts made of latex? Are they filled with helium? 

  • No to both questions. The balloons are foil and filled with air, which helps them last much longer than a helium filled balloon.

Q: How do I reach you for questions about my order?

  • Reply to the email you received with your order details. Or call us Mon - Fri between 10:00am and 4:00pm EST. We also have a "chat now" button which you can use to reach us for the fastest answers to your questions.

Q: Do you deliver to hospitals?

  • We prefer not to, because most patients are discharged in 48 hours. It usually takes the hospital at least one extra delivery day to get your package to the patient. See our full hospital delivery policy below.
Hospital Delivery Policy:
We have had a significant number of issues with the patient not receiving their gift and then getting discharged. Please note this is our hospital delivery policy:
1. We suggest you ship to a home address. Most patients are out in 48 hours. Even with 2 day delivery it often takes the hospital one extra day to get the package to the patient and by that third day the patient is already discharged. (On weekends there are no deliveries.)
2. No refunds will be given for packages that are delivered, but not received by patient. Please note the hospital will forward patient mail to their home address so it make take an extra week but usually the gift does arrive to their home.
3. Select Hospital Shipping - Signature Confirmation at check out. If you do not we will bill you the additional fee for signature confirmation. Note this is only for hospitals, not long term care, nursing home or rehabilitation centers.
4. If patient is discharged prior to receiving package contact the hospital shipping dept. and ask them if they forward patient mail or return to sender. If they forward patient mail you are all set and can notify the recipient of this. If they do not forward the item can be re-shipped once the return is received for an additional shipping cost, or refunded for the item cost only, not the shipping charges.

Need more help? Use the chat box to ask a question.


The mission of Gifts Fulfilled is two-fold. Bringing joy and comfort to people through thoughtful gift-giving, and creating jobs for people with disabilities in our local community.

The unemployment rate for people with a disability was 10.5 percent in 2016, about twice that of those with no disability (4.6 percent).

41 percent of those age 21 to 64 with any disability were employed, compared with 79 percent of those with no disability. Along with the lower likelihood of having a job came the higher likelihood of experiencing persistent poverty; that is, continuous poverty over a 24-month period. Among people age 15 to 64 with severe disabilities, 10.8 percent experienced persistent poverty; the same was true for 4.9 percent of those with a non-severe disability and 3.8 percent of those with no disability. (The statistics come from the Survey of Income and Program Participation done from May - Dec. 2010)

Gifts Fulfilled wants to change those numbers! When you purchase from our website or buy our products on Amazon you help us create jobs! Our gift baskets and care packages are assembled by individuals with disabilities.

So if you need a baby, birthday, get well, or sympathy gift baskets buy from Gifts Fulfilled. We also make awesome care packages for college kids and military members. And we've got your special occasions covered with gifts for Valentine's Day, Employee Appreciation Week, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and the entire month of December with it's many celebrations!