Dad, King of the BBQ

Dad, King of the BBQ

On Father’s Day we pay homage to dads everywhere in lots of different ways. One of the favorite events to give dad the spotlight on his big day is to have a backyard barbeque. Dad can show off his talents with a simple fire, tongs, a spatula and raw pieces of meat. Like a magician he can take an ordinary hot dog or patty of ground beef and turn it into a mouthful of pure joy.

Of course we all take things like barbecuing to different levels. For a dad with a real desire to become a real honest-to-goodness grill master, Steven Raichlen has a website called Barbecue! Bible. The man who brought barbecue education to TV has an opportunity for the serious grilling connoisseur to attend a seminar called Barbecue University. It is a tad pricey with packages for double occupancy starting at $2,500.

For those looking to spend a little less on Father's Day we recommend our Father's Day Gift Basket at $35.00 and available through Amazon Prime it's the perfect gift for every kind of Dad!

Father's Day Gift Basket

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