Great Games for a Family Game Night

Great Games for a Family Game Night

One fun, but somewhat old fashioned way to spend quality time together as a family in 2017 is to enjoy a family game night. There are countless games that everybody in the family can play. Besides building family unity, it teaches children to think for themselves.

It is so easy. To start off, have every family member choose a favorite game or two. Of course they must be classified as a board game, or perhaps a card game. With the plethora of games available you may want to add a game or two every once in a while to keep things exciting.

While there has been such a video game trend the last 20 years or so, these games will encourage discussion and will actually instill a sense of competitiveness in children. Nowadays with such an emphasis on participation, this will help children develop an ability to compete as they grow older and face more and more challenges in their lives.

One popular game to play is called Rumble Pie. It is a fun action-packed game for ages eight and up. Described by one reviewer as wonderfully chaotic. It only takes about 30 minutes to play each game.

What would a collection of family games would be complete without Monopoly? Now this new version called Monopoly-World Edition is not the same old version you and your parents grew up with. There is a new fast-paced version available.

Milton Bradley has created this unique twist on the old classic that includes new cities and rules that make it much more efficient. Kids love learning about geography and the world, Added game features of the passport trays and 'stamps' make the game fun while adding a natural end to the game. The money is simplified, yet totally perfect for adding and making change, creating great math practice for the children.

Spot It Party will remind you of a really souped-up version of the old fashioned memory games. Players love the way this game can be used and adapted to different-sized groups and different ages. Adults can play with little ones and all can have a good time. This highly recommended game subtly helps children develop their visual skills and dexterity. They learn effortlessly while having fun. That combination is hard to beat.

Who in your family is ready for a game night challenge?

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