Sympathy Gift Baskets....finding the right words when it's hard to know what to say

Sympathy Gift Baskets Words of Comfort for Times of Loss

Providing comfort is all most people want to do when someone loved is lost. Finding the right words to say can be a challenge. Often people say nothing trying to be kind when in fact the right words would be so appreciated. 

This is why our sympathy gift baskets include books. These books are filled with the right words. It makes a thoughtful bereavement gift that can be turned to again and again. Once the flowers have faded and the food has been eaten books are still there providing hope and healing whenever it's needed.

Three of our most beloved sympathy gift books are:

Words of Comfort for Times of Loss: Help and Hope When You're Grieving a book with comforting paintings, prayers, stories, and compassionate wisdom.

Chicken Soup for the Grieving Soul a wonderful book of comforting essays on loss and healing.

Letter to a Grieving Heart is a book designed to recognize grief, despair and how to come through with faith and hope.

Send sympathy gift baskets to express your deepest sympathy. Sympathy gift baskets include books with words of comfort for grieving. A thoughtful bereavement gift. Gourmet gifts and caring books the perfect combination to send condolences in a sympathy gift basket. 

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